Bloodhounds are gentle and affectionate with children and will tolerate all your children’s antics meekly.

Bloodhounds are gentle and affectionate with children and will tolerate all your children’s antics meekly.

Bloodhound Breed History

Reports of dogs that discover and track another animal date back as far as the first century AD, but it was in medieval Europe that the Bloodhound seemed to originate. It is thought that in 1066 William the Conqueror brought hounds, known as the St. Hubert Hounds, with him when he conquered England. The hound evolved into the Bloodhound and it is said that Queen Victoria was influential in keeping the breed from extinction as she was a dog lover and had an interest in this exceptional tracker, entering one of her canines in a dog show in 1869. Notes on the Bloodhound also document this breed in Scotland where it was called the sleuth hound and used for tracking raiders of property and thieves of livestock.

The name comes from the dog’s status as an aristocratic breed kept by noblemen and abbots as well as referring to the dog being a hound of pure blood, (pure in breeding) - an aristocrat of dog breeds you might say. Their popularity rose and fell throughout various eras and although they are recognised by the American Kennel Club they are not a common household pet. However, they are well purposed as law enforcement trackers and search and rescue workers.

Bloodhound Temperament

The Bloodhound has a very kind nature and is mild mannered. They are gentle and affectionate with children and will tolerate all your children’s antics meekly. Sometimes because they are so tolerant, they need rescuing from the children who may inadvertently hurt them as they will accept it without flinching.

Young Bloodhounds are full of energy and excitement, but they do mellow as they age. Never a breed that accepts rules and obedience easily, they are led by their noses and can wander off following an interesting trail. By nature, they will follow a trail to a conclusion which is why they are masters in tracking for search and rescue, and in law enforcement where they are used to track escaped criminals. A leash is needed to keep them focused when out for a walk. They do have a strong nature and will respect and need a strong leader but don’t expect total obedience – it won’t happen. They respond best to a naturally calm but strong owner, but loud, demanding owners will only bring out their streak of willfulness. They can be protective of their domain if no one is home, and will bark to let you know someone is around.

Bloodhound Breed Maintenance

While Bloodhounds make admirable pets, they do take a bit of maintenance and upkeep as they are solid dogs. Some people have a vision of Bloodhounds as those pooches that laze on the front porch in the sun, but nothing could be further from the truth. These dogs love activity and can walk for miles upon miles without a break! As a puppy, they are energetic, and you will need eyes in the back of your head to keep up with them. They do mellow as they age and become less active and more controllable. These dogs can be indoor pets but keep in mind that they are droolers, and with one shake of their heads, the house will need recleaning.

As a dog breed, they are easy to keep clean; a regular bath is all that is needed as well as a good towel down afterwards. Brushing during the hotter months will take care of the shedding, but their main upkeep is their eyes, ears and the folds in their skin. These sensitive areas need constant maintenance to keep free from debris and parasites. Call your veterinarian if there is any discharge coming from the eyes, or if a smell is emanating from within your dog’s ears (often caused by infection). Because Bloodhounds are a big dog and can be very energetic, they get hungry quickly. Rather than feeding one big meal a day, consider spreading the mealtime over three separate events which will keep your pet full and avoid the breed’s susceptibility to bloat. This condition can quickly become serious if your dog’s stomach twists on itself cutting off the blood flow. This condition is known as gastric torsion and needs immediate veterinary assistance.

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Our puppies are all accustomed to lots of human interaction and love, they are a commitment and purchasing one, should not be taken lightly. Puppies are famously inquisitive and can be stubborn, so don’t let them get the upper hand! Our commitment to you does not end when you purchase one of our puppies. We are available to speak with you if any problem arises or if you just want to talk about the Bloodhound breed! Thanks for stopping by and please check out the puppies we have available on our available page.

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